Learn How to Embrace those Curls

  • 3 Curly Hair Resolutions You Need to Follow in 2019

    Curly Confident You! January is the official start of the new year, and if you're like so many of us you’re feeling a burst of renewed zea...
  • Winterize Your Curls: Revitalize or Risk it All!

    Winter weather and the drastic change in temperatures can become Curly hair's No. 1 enemy. Your curls, which are already naturally prone to drynes...
  • The Perfect Curly Routine to Balance Moisture & Protein (Pre-Poo, Shampoo, Treat, Style)

    When it comes to your wavy, curly or coily tresses neither protein nor moisture can work well without the other. This means finding and maintaining the balance between moisture and protein is critical for achieving and maintaining healthy hair.

    There are hundreds of products available on the market however very rarely will you find one that focuses on balancing both moisture & protein. Usually, you are forced to choose one over the other or you're left with having to buy several different lines. Often times this can create confusion and leave with over moisturized curls known as hygral fatigue or dry brittle stands leaving you wondering where you went wrong.
  • We get asked A LOT- How can you tell if curly hair needs protein?

      At one point or another along your journey to embracing your naturally curly hair the subject of protein will pose itself to you if it hasn't a...