Our Story

-Sophia Omar- Founder

a 5 foot 3 curly head with big dreams and passions to help others embrace their natural curls and become the best version of themselves.



Sophia Omar grew up in the lower mainland in British Columbia. She attended Simon Fraser University where she studied Economics. Her experience working in financial services, management and teaching has given her a diverse set of skills that has helped craft the brand of Embrace the Curl.

Learning to embrace my curly hair growing up wasn't easy. I was the only one growing up among my family that had curly hair and every girl I went to school with had straight hair. During my untamed, frizzy hair days there were hardly any curly hair products to be found. I would travel across the border (to the U.S) to pickup a few low quality gels and relaxers from Target to maintain my hair, but nothing worked right! I am truly grateful for the recent curly hair movement and the fact that curly heads now have more salon and product options to chose from. In 2017, I decided to take on a new challenge and started formulating my own products. I was looking for a super cream that could give me long lasting hold. I did some research and realized beeswax was a very effective ingredient. After months of experimenting, I finally had a product that could work. I had chemists and labs check my formulation and viola.. I finally had a product: "It's My Beeswax" Hair Cream. Once I learned how to embrace my natural hair and authentic self, I was able to step into a better version of myself. This is why I love encouraging women to love their natural beauty, My goal is to continue to feed my passion to help others do the same.



Our mission is to encourage more women to love and embrace their natural hair. We believe in the power of natural, organic ingredients to embrace your healthy natural hair.  Our products are carefully selected and customized to suit naturally curly, wavy and kinky hair.