3 Curly Hair Resolutions You Need to Follow in 2019

    Curly Confident You!

    January is the official start of the new year, and if you're like so many of us you’re feeling a burst of renewed zeal. The air seems charged with possibility, transformation and you're super fired up about it. It’s easy to begin the new year with at least a dozen goals in mind. However, if your natural curls are at the top of your list then let us share with you 3 Curl Resolutions to help you get healthier natural curls all year long.


    Starting with our #3 Curl Resolution Let Go of the habits that no longer serve your curls. Transitioning and embracing your naturally curly hair is referenced as a journey and it’s for a reason! Although time is part of the process along with moments of trial and error ... it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out old habits & harsh chemicals need to be left behind. Opt out of products made with harsh chemicals and opt-in for products made with organic ingredients. Curly hair is naturally dry and fragile, so paying attention to your products can make a world of a difference.


    Three strategies to help you select healthier products:


    1. Get familiar with the top 10 most common harsh ingredients that are not curly friendly.

    2. Follow the 70/30 Ratio Rule when reading the label & the ingredients. 70% natural ingredients with 30% preservatives. We take pride in our entire Embrace the Curl product line because we're all about plant based formulas for all Curl Types.

    3. Look for products that are formulated for your specific hair porosity.

    Now that we’ve established an understanding of out with the old in with the new let’s move into our #2 Curl Resolution: Be Consistent in your Curl Care! Natural Healthy Curly hair doesn’t come from what we do occasionally it comes from what we do consistently.

    Three strategies to become consistent:

    1. Create a daily, weekly and monthly Curl Care routine!

    2. Keep track of your routines either via a calendar app, notes app or a simple journal.

    3. Often times when we’re transitioning and embracing our natural hair, our strands immediately get all the attention. From moisturizing oils, nutritional deep conditioning masks to frizz fighting serums we seem to pick products that are about all of the above and this is great! However beautiful healthy hair starts with a healthy happy scalp! Making our #1 Curl Resolution creating a Healthy Hair Foundation which translates to Healthy Scalp. The hair care industry is viewing scalp through a different lens and the scalp is now seen as an extension of your skin.

    Here are 3 Strategies to help you achieve optimal Scalp Health:

    1. Implement a monthly Scalp Spa exfoliation.

    2. Alternate between weekly clarifying & cleansing routines.

    3. Nightly scalp massages with 4 small drop of penetrating oil like our Embrace The Curl Omega Rich Oil. {If you’re prone to an oily Scalp you can reduce daily massages to 2-3x a month instead} Each one of these routines has a unique benefit. A monthly scalp spa exfoliation helps to balance sebum levels and helps preserve scalp's protective barrier which guards the scalp against the exposure to environmental pollutants and other free radicals.

    Providing a clean slate for optimal conditioning by alternating between Clarifying & Cleansing is ideal. Clarifying with Apple Cider Vinegar will remove buildup from things like natural oils and styling products. Clarifying, however, should not be used for each wash as it can remove your natural oils and break down the hairs natural protein forcing your scalp to overproduce oil resulting in sebum buildup and the loss of protein can jeopardize the integrity of your texture. Therefore alternating with a gentle Cleansing Shampoo or Co-Wash will have you covered between your Clarifying weeks and monthly exfoliating routines. The idea is to gently remove product buildup while maintaining the delicate moisture and protein balance healthy hair needs and thrives on. With so many nerve endings in your scalp, a 5-minute nightly massage with penetrating oil followed by fingertip kneading and rubbing will help to increase micro circulation to your follicles which promote growth.

    Healthier hair days are just around the corner and the increase in curl confidence will make it all worth your while!




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