Collection: Extra Moisture Set

This set is perfect for:

-very dry curly or textured/kinky hair

-damaged hair (heat, chemicals, bleach or dye)

-high porosity hair (curls don't retain moisture easily)

-limp curls that require a protein moisture/balance



Co-Wash Conditioner

This can be used in between washes to refresh and also to replace your shampoo. This Co-Wash cleanses the hair gently without stripping natural oils and moisturizes the hair.


Beeswax & Coconut Hair Cream.

This unique gel/cream combination will moisturize the curls and lock in the moisture for longer wash days.



Strengthening Hair Mask

This Hair Mask has a perfect balance of moisture and protein, it will help repair the damage and leave your curls bouncy, defined and healthy looking.

Omega Rich Moisturizing Oil

This oil has 3 different uses: scalp treatments, sealants for dry ends or as a moisturizing oil treatment. It will help grow healthy curls and keep those locks shiny and moisturized.


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