Spring Refresh for Curls & Waves

Spring is a great time to pause on the protective styles, head-wraps and loose buns to refresh not only how we style our curls and waves, but how we take care of them. Follow this guide to do an important check in with your hair health.

How’s your elasticity? Any areas experiencing breakage? 

The best way to see this without sacrificing style is with the new Leavin’ It Be Curl Cream. A medium hold styling cream carefully formulated with Jojoba Seed Oil to coat each strand with moisture. Leavin’ It Be will do just that -- define curls while letting your natural texture shine.

Spring showers remind us our bodies flourish with water!  

On your next wash day, cleanse with the Lavender Purity Co-Wash Conditioner filled with aloe leaf juice so your curls get the moisture balance they need, while soaking up all the benefits natural water provides. After a relaxing shower, grab an extra cup of water or hot tea and keep that moisture train going!

Take your time adjusting to the changes. Hat life can be… well life!

Just gift yourself 30 minutes each week to take a look at what's going on underneath your toque scarf or scrunchie styles. A date with the Strengthening Hair Mask will do wonders to add back the much-needed protein your hair could've missed during the colder months. Flowers don't grow overnight so be patient with any hair restoration goals!

Take a look at more Embrace the Curl products packed with nutrient rich, organic ingredients. You’ll experience a Spring Refresh like never before!

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