How to Set Curly Hair Goals & Achieve Them


Helloooo you beautiful humans!


I hope this finds you still recovering from many nights of questionable dance moves, too much food and socializing from the holidays. As we kick off another trip around the sun, I wanted to share my New Year's resolutions with you – because nothing says accountability like broadcasting your goals to the entire inbox, right?

The Mane Manifesto:
3 Steps to Set & Achieve your Hair Goals this Year

Step 1: Grab a pen, or better yet, a hairbrush, and jot down your hair aspirations for the year. I suggest you first, Dream big – whether it's achieving Rapunzel-like lengths with rainbow highlights or successfully executing volume without frizz without creating a tangled mess.


Here is what I put down:

  • Length

  • Luscious, Healthy Hydrated Curls

  • Volume

  • Evenly defined curls


Step 2: Now to make them achievable and realistic for the year.

Take a look at your carefully crafted hair goals. Realistically speaking, how achievable is each hair goal? f you have shoulder length hair, it’s unrealistic to expect hair down to your waist. If you are recovering from major breakage, it is unrealistic to expect volume, definition and zero frizz. Have patience because good things take time. Okay, enough with the cliche lines.


Step 3:  So we set the achievable goals… but how do we get there?

Checkout our guide for each hair type here. Simply find your type and hair goal

Feel free to share your own resolutions, or we can form a support group for those of us who are already considering a "2025 Do-Over."  Let's make this year one for the books – or at least a decent chapter.

Now that you have set your goals, it's time to take action, my curly-haired compadres! Shop quality products to help you achieve your goals.


I hope you’re ready to give your curls the royal treatment they deserve.

Product recommendations to achieve this look:


1. It’s My Beeswax Hair Cream is our “super cream” that moisturizes and provides heavy hold. The beeswax protects the hair from all weather seasons; rain, wind, humidity etc.. Use this product on very wet hair. 

2. We highly recommend using the Strengthening Hair Mask 1-3 times a month to balance moisture and protein levels. This mask improves the elasticity of the curls, moisturizes and defines

3. Omega Rich Oil: Use this for extra moisture and shine as a treatment, scalp massage or after styling.


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