4 Easy Hairstyles for Valentine's Day! 


Choose an Elegant, Flirtatious, Romantic or Voluminous Look!


As we sashay into the first week of February it's never too soon to start considering style options for this month's Hallmark Holiday we call Valentines Day.  Here are 5 Valentine hairstyles all created using our "It's My Beeswax" Hair Cream.  Our Hair Cream is perfect for texturizing curls and provides long lasting hold for any curly hair style.

#1: Curls with a French Twist for an Elegant Look
If your celebration of love will look like a classical or luxurious night out then a french twist is one of the most formal yet elegant Valentine’s Day hairstyles for you to choose. It looks perfectly feminine, classy and seductive, especially when complemented with elegant stud earrings. With the right hair accessories, french twists range from classical to vintage and aren’t always as tricky as they seem. Style with "It's My Beeswax Curl Cream", a few bobby pins and you can master creating this elegant look.

#2 Side Puff  for a Flirtatious Look
This simple side puff is quick and easy, perfect for the naturalista who prefers to combine fun with fierce and a dash of flirtatiousness.  Simply sleeking your curls to one side using our "It's My Beeswax" Coconut Curl Cream and securely pin in place. You can leave the puff defined or finger comb for a looser fluffier puff. If you want to add some extra fun, simply add temporary hair color and/or a little bit of glitter. Finish with a bold lip color to enhance your look. This style is perfect for curly hair types.



#3 Asymmetrical for a Romantic Look
 Often time we associate long locks to be more romantic however short hair can also look romantic and sultry when you play with various textures. This hairstyle looks most charming when you combine naturally messy with just the right amount of perfection. The right mess and chaotic strands of curls look sexy, fashionable and more natural. Try on this extra romantic and stylish hairstyle for Valentine’s Day whether you are 2A waves or 4C coils our It's My Beeswax Curl Cream will help you accentuate texture, shine and soft stunning results. Crown yourself with decorated  florals for the occasion and this look will flow perfectly regardless of how you plan to celebrate. 



#4 Fro In Love for a Voluminous Look
Usually the longer your curls are the less voluminous they become. This is because the additional weight elongates your curls, however big hair with ambiguous waves, curls and coils are mesmerizing. Simple and easy to do using our It's my Beeswax Styling Curl Cream will help your strands stay protected as you finger comb and fluff for the full effect. The wavey, curly or coily fro has been a recently popular look! This look means your hair and you are going to get a lot of attention. And if someone just so happens to say "excuse me, your hair is blocking my view!" In your most polite curl queen self we give you permission to say " Darling, my hair is the view!" and ladies the more hair the better ...  just go with it and let your natural beauty shine through.


Our goal at Embrace the Curl is to give people with naturally curly hair confidence and plenty of inspiration. Embracing your natural curls can seem challenging,  but with the right TLC and our plant-based products it can be easier than anticipated.  All this in 1 amazing product... we make it simple and  simplicity is key! Don't just take our word for it...visit our IG Page and check out what our fans are saying!

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As always thank you in advance for your support and your commitment to the health of your curls. 

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